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When to Say Thank You: A Primer for Real Estate Investors

If you an aspiring investor in single-family homes, or currently own many, it’s best to say thank you frequently to your tenants. Or if you are currently investing in single-family homes through a fund manager, such as SpringView Investments, it doesn't hurt to occasionally say thank you to your manager if warranted, does it? (The same courtesy extends to your property manager.) 1. Say “Thank You” when they pay their rent. Every time…but only if they pay on time. 2. Say “Thank You” when they give you a compliment. 3. Say “Thank You” when they have a suggestion…whether good or bad. 4. Say “Thank You” when they refer a potential new tenant. Yeah! 5. Say “Thank You” when they complain. Use thei

A Country of Renters?

Home renting vs. home-owning trends in the US are clear: we are becoming a nation of renters. Home-ownership is at 50-year lows.By extension, we are also becoming a nation of landlords. In 2016, “37% of homes sold were acquired by buyers who didn’t live in them,” so said a recent report created by ATTOM Data Solutions and ClearCapital.com Inc. In 2004, only 24% of all homes in the US were not owner occupied. (A percentage of those homes include second homes, or fix an flip investor acquisitions.) Many of the new landlord class are small investors who buy one or two homes for investment, or professional investors, who may own from 10 to several hundred homes. The percentage of institutional c

Who’s a Fan of Single-Family REITS? Mizuho, That’s Who

Mizuho, on of the world’s largest bank holding companies, is positive on the single- family home investment market in the US. Mizuho offers three reasons for their optimism, using REITS as a proxy: 1. A Compelling Investment Idea. The sector presents "one of the more compelling investment ideas" among REITs, says analyst Haendel St. Juste. 2. A Buy Rating on Colony Starwood (SFR -0.3%) with $35 price target (about 11% upside). SFR is trading at a discount to American Homes 4 Rent, another major REIT (AMH -0.4%) “despite similar portfolio quality and better margins.” 3. More Positive Years Ahead. “Though the sector already had a strong 2016, he sees a ‘multi-year runway for growth.’” Mizuho t

Are You a Boss or a Leader?

Investors in single-family homes are typically not do-it-yourselfers. You may have employees or freelancers—contractors, administrators, consultants— that you lead or partner with. But bosses and leaders are not the same thing. (This quick presentation was created by presentation.go.) Bosses drive—leaders coach. Bosses inspire fear—leaders generate enthusiasm. Bosses place blame—leaders fix. Bosses use people—leaders develop people. Bosses take credit—leaders give credit. Bosses command—leaders ask. Which are you? For more information on why your should consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes, please contact Harold Willig at 917-209-4452 or harold.will

It’s What You Don't See that Counts: The Iceberg Illusion

Sylvia Duckworth, a Toronto-based educator and leading sketch note artist in education, created the illustration above that shows it’s not what’s above that matters – it’s the dedication, failure, hard work, good habits, and persistence, among other personality traits below the surface, that lead to long-term success. Ms. Duckworth’s key words certainly apply to our personal live as well as our investment lives. Your friends, family, and business associates, for example, may not see your failures or disappointments…but you will. With dedication, good habits, hard work, persistence and sacrifice, you should, over the long-term, overcome disappointment and failure. For more information on why

Chicago Among the 10 Hottest Markets for Landlords

Chicago, our current favorite town to invest in single-family homes, ranked in the top five of the best markets for rental real estate investors in the US. So says HomeUnion, a single-family-rental acquisition and management company. The report was recently cited in a story by CNBCs “Reality Check.” Why Chicago? According to CNBC, Chicago, as well as some of the other top cities, have “relatively low home prices when compared with asking rents, making them lucrative for investors.” In addition, “While there has been considerable apartment construction in Chicago most of that has been on the luxury end and doesn't compete directly with single-family rentals.” For more information on why your

Less Distress in Single-Family Home Sales in 2016, Reports ATTOM Data Solutions

While trend-lines for investors in single-family homes suggest less opportunity to profit from distress buying opportunities, Chicago may still remain among the best markets for investors. SpringView Investments manages a portfolio of income-producing single-family homes; the portfolio held 182 properties as of December 31, 2016, the majority in the Chicago metropolitan area. The ATTOM Data Solutions Year-End 2016 U.S. Home Sales Report unpacked five trends in the US single-family home market: 1. Chicago did not reach a new all-time home price peak in 2016, but 44% of all markets in the US did. According to ATTOM, “Ninety-five of the 201 metro areas analyzed for the report (47 percent), were

Why February is the Best Month to Buy a House

February may be among the coldest months, and a month where the fewest home are sold – but it may also be the best month to catch a bargain. ATTOM Data Solutions looked at the data, and the numbers said: Buy in February; you’ll get the best discount. In fact, eight of the top 10 best days for buying a home were in February, at least between 2000 and 2016. The average discount for the nearly 3 million homes bought in the US in February in the last 16 years was 6.1%. The next best month was also a cold weather one, too – January, with an average discount of 5.6%. It may be cold in Chicago, where the majority of SpringView Investments’ portfolio of more than 180 single-family investment homes a

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