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Real Estate Businesses Under Siege by Cyberattacks

As computer hackers become more sophisticated every day, there are few businesses that are completely immune to their attacks. Banks and other financial institution have upped their cyber security game over the past few years, and regulators at the state and federal levels have mandated much of the effort; but the real estate industry has not kept pace. According to a disturbing rent report, only 50 percent of surveyed businesses in the real estate industry believe they are adequately prepared to prevent a cyber attack. The other 50 percent could fall victim to hackers. Criminals are using a wide variety of attacks. Here are just a few of them: Business email compromise A business email comp

Real Estate is Now Americans' Most Favored Investment

Driven by the investment power of Millennials, real estate is now looked upon as a better investment than stocks. According to a report from RealtyShares, 55% of Millennials want to invest (or are already investing) in real estate. And Fannie Mae reports that 85% of Millennials view real estate as a "good investment." Because of this trend, the share of Americans who own stock has fallen from two-thirds to one-half. Millennials are attracted to real estate because it’s tangible – something you can touch and feel. When flipping houses, you can often realize 15% returns on investment. "Real estate can be favored because it's viewed as something tangible," says Brett Anderson, a financial plann

Wealthy Investors Opt for Real Estate Instead of Hedge Funds

According to a recent survey by Tiger 21, the move by wealthy investors from hedge funds to real estate is increasing at a record rate. It’s almost a stampede. These investors, fearful of geopolitical risks and seemingly high valuations of funds and equities, are betting that real estate is the safer bet right now. In fact, one-third of their portfolios are now in real estate; and that’s a record. Hedge funds have become less popular because of recent poor returns. Wealthy investors find themselves more comfortable with assets they can have direct ownership of, assets they can touch and feel. For the full article click HERE: Consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-

Blackstone and Starwood to Merge as Home Rentals are on the Rise

Betting against the American Dream was once considered heretical. How times have changed! The cornerstone of the “dream” has always been homeownership. But with a lag in home building starts combined with Americans’ bad credit ratings and lack of savings, two of the largest rental-home owners are betting that rentals will be the wave of the future and that homeownership will no longer be an essential part of the American Dream. Blackstone Group and Starwood Waypoint Home (under their banner Invitation Homes) are planning to merge, creating a company that will own about 82,000 homes in 17 metro areas. The combined company will become the country’s largest private owner of single-family homes.

U.S. Home Ownership on the Decline

According to a July 2017 report from the U.S. Census Bureau, homeownership is currently 63.7%, down from 69.1% twelve years ago. Even that rate is deceiving because it’s propped up by seniors, 65 and up, who bought homes many years ago when the economy was stronger and homes were more affordable. Today, the middle class is being priced out. For those who make an average of $64,000 per year, only 58% own homes. With stagnant wages the new norm, forecasters believe that the percentage of homeownership in the U.S, will drop below 61% by 2025. For the full article click HERE: Consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes? Please contact Harold Willig at harold.w

Have an Extra $175M? Then We Have a House for You!

It’s amazing what a mere $175 million can get you! If you’re looking for a quaint home with12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a greenhouse, then look no further. Last week, this sensational Southampton estate, built for automobile mogul Henry Ford, hit the market, making it the most expensive listing in New York State. Known as Jule Pond, the mansion sits on 42 acres -- prime real estate that gives the lucky buyer a lot of subdivision possibilities. Or you could just rent the home out each night on Airbnb for $150,000 (cleaning fee extra). If the home sells near the asking price it will break the national record set in 2014 when wealthy hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein paid $147 million for a

Chinese Investors Flock to 5 U.S. Housing Markets

Over the past few years, the housing market for foreign investors has blossomed, with people from China leading the pack. Indeed, Chinese buyers spend more money on American residential real estate than any other foreign investors. And now, thanks to a comprehensive report conducted by real estate platform Investorist, we know the top five cities in which the Chinese are investing: Los Angeles Miami New York City San Francisco Boston According to the report, the number one factor that draws Chinese homebuyers is quality of education. Los Angeles leads the pack because of its many well-known universities such as USC, UCLA and Pepperdine. The same is true of Boston and New York. San Francisco,

Healthcare Real Estate: 4 Great Ways to Invest

America is getting older. Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. With age comes wisdom, as well as the need for more healthcare services and senior housing options. If you’re thinking about investing in the healthcare real estate sector and can’t afford to buy your own senior center or medical office building, there are four great ways to get into this consistently high-yield market. Crowdfunding is an excellent option. With a relatively low investment minimum, you can choose from a large variety of opportunities, from hospitals to senior clinics to special care units. Crowdfunding is a terrific way to diversify your portfolio too. Private Equity Funds, like crowdfunding, uses a

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