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Millennials: Next Wave of Single Family Rental Investors?

Recent factors indicate that millennials, the oft-maligned generation who seem to live with their parents into their early 30’s, are becoming a real force in the real estate world. Statistics don’t lie; many Millennials, saddled by an average debt of over $37,000 (thanks college!) are turning to real estate investing rather than stocks. According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials continue to be the largest group of homebuyers, representing 65% of all first-time homebuyers last year. And according to TD Bank, 2/3 of them are saving for a down payment. In addition, 55% of millennials are enthusiastic about investing in real estate and are putting their money into single-fami

Millennials Delay Homeownership

According to real estate guru John Burns, Millennials, the generation nobody can quite understand, tend to postpone home ownership until much later than their parents did. And why not? Even at age 36, more Millennials are living at home with their parents than ever before. Certainly, the rising price of homes in a very tight housing market is a factor that makes homeownership seem nearly impossible. Indeed, most Millennials in their mid-to-late 20’s choose rental apartments instead. Case in point: Only 8% of 20-year-old householders own a home today, compared to 38% of 30-year-olds and 52% of 36-year-olds.In fact, homeownership reaches 50% by age 36 today, compared to 50% homeownership at ag

10 Security Deposit Tips and Hacks for Landlords

A recent article at www.biggerpockets.com provides a lot of good info for landlords regarding security deposits. For one thing, security deposits don’t protect the average landlord as well as they think they do. In fact, for the typical landlord, the security deposit protects against only one thing: minor tenant-caused damage to the property. Landlords today have to be savvier. One good idea is to “tenant-proof” your rental unit. That means replacing old carpeting with bamboo or faux-wood flooring, repainting with glossy paint (easier to clean) and installing doorstoppers behind every door. Another thing landlords should do is spell out in the lease what constitutes “normal wear and tear.” F

Build-to-Rent is Becoming a Big Thing

The Build-to-Own mantra of the past 100 years is now slowly giving way to a new animal: The Build-to-Rent (B2R) movement. As more and more Millennials forego home buying, the market for single-family rentals (SFR) is booming; so much so that a new group of investors are banking on it. That’s according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Leading the B2R charge are NexMetro, AHV Communities, BB Living, Christopher Todd Communities, and Camillo Homes. One of the more interesting facts they mention, indicates that Millennial renters want to live in the same locations as people who are looking to buy homes. They want convenience to shopping, safe neighborhoods, proximity to job centers, and goo

Vacancy Rates and Homeownership Remain Steady in 2018

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite the lack of affordable housing, and rents going through the roof in certain regions of the U.S., the nation’s rental vacancy rate of 7.0% remained unchanged in Q1 and the homeownership rate of 64.2% was not statistically different from the rate in Q1 2017 and virtually unchanged from Q4 2017. That’s according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau. For a deeper look, click HERE: Consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes? Please contact Harold Willig at harold.willig@springviewinvestments.com or 917-209-4452. Harold Willig is the Manager of SpringView Investment Management, LLC, which he fo

What Cities are Best for Landlords And Worst for Renters?

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Perhaps Charles Dickens was speaking of the current state of landlord-tenant happiness. Because of the housing shortage, landlords in larger cities such as Los Angeles, Miami and Boston, are clicking their heels in glee as rents increase by double digits. According to a report in Forbes, almost ½ of the cities that are worst for tenants are located in California, with Los Angeles leading the way. “In L.A. buildable land is scare, what’ s available is expensive and getting permission to build on it is challenging. Meanwhile, many buildings are also being retrofit to better withstand earthquakes, sapping many construction dollars and worke

Senior Housing Occupancy Slows in First Quarter

Where are all the seniors going? According to a report in National Real Estate Investor, the occupancy rate in senior housing dropped to 88.3 percent in Q1, its lowest rate since 2012. Much of that slide can be attributed to a tough flu season and an excess supply of housing. “We’ve seen this trend occurring now for a little while, and it’s one that we’ve expected,” says Steve Kennedy, senior managing director at Lancaster Pollard, which provides financial advice and financing solutions for the seniors housing sector. Meanwhile, assisted living properties have also seen a drop in occupancy rates. Occupancy for the latter fell to a record low of 85.7 percent in the first quarter, as inventory

Student Housing Development: 5 Most Active Universities

Developers of university student housing are focusing their attention on new projects close to the largest universities. According to an article in National Real Estate Investor, schools with the most demand and growth in enrollment are being targeted. “Tier one markets continue to attract the most development and are still being targeted by the institutional capital that is pouring into the space,” says Taylor Gunn, student housing analytics lead for data company MPF Research. The 5 schools adding the most beds this year are: Florida State, Texas A&M, U. of Central Florida, University of Texas – Austin, and Arizona State. Read on HERE: Consider investing in a professionally managed portfoli

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