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SFRs: A Safe Haven in an Unpredictable Market

A December 2018 survey from Millennium Trust Company found a growing preference for alternative investments; including real estate. Among those surveyed who held real estate, 73% favored single-family rentals. Robert Mulcahy, senior vice president of production and strategic initiatives at Angel Oak Prime Bridge in Atlanta, says a rental property investment is a great strategy for any investor, regardless of net worth. “Volatility” is the buzzword when thinking of SFR investing. Jason Haber, a real estate agent at Warburg Realty Partnership in New York, claims that “the rental market is reactionary to the general direction of the stock market, meaning that daily swings in stock prices don’t

Multifamily Operators Should Invest in Single-Family Rentals

A report from real estate investment guru John Burns says that single-family rentals (SFRs) should be part of any multifamily rental property portfolio. The report suggests that owning purpose-built single-family communities are the best way to add this asset class. Why? SFRs usually have more bedrooms than apartments do, so offering both will allow growing families to stay within an investor’s portfolio when they move from a multifamily rental to an SFR. Plus, SFRs have built-in advantages over apartments; lower tenant turnover, more stable rent growth and the ability to charge higher rents. Read on HERE: Consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes? Pleas

These 5 REITs Can Do No Wrong

Forbes has just come out with an article extolling five REITs which might make be a smart investment; REITs that could yield over 7%. Interested? Here are a few of them: Outfront Media, Inc. connects brands with consumers outside of their homes through one of the largest and most diverse sets of billboard, transit, and mobile advertising in North America. They are experiencing a double-digit increase in revenue. Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. originates and purchases senior mortgage loans collateralized by properties in the U.S. and Europe. The company is managed by Blackstone (BX), a private equity world leader in alternative assets with nearly $472 billion in assets under management (AUM

Can Millennials Save Us from a Housing Slump?

Although many reports regarding the housing market speak of doom and gloom, there could be one unlikely consideration that may stave off the slump and save us from a housing bust: Millennials. Yes, that oft-maligned population who only seem to care about themselves and avocado toast, may be ready to leave their parents’ homes and strike out on their own. And they might even… BUY HOUSES. In an article in Fortune, the question is whether America’s 70 million millennials will make it happen. Housing accounts for nearly one-fifth of national income, and a big chunk of that number is residential construction. If Millennials get off their iPhones and start buying (or start buying with their iPhone

Slowing Single-Family Home Permits May Mean “Recession”

Trouble is rising in the housing market and it’s not only about housing starts or slowing home prices. According to an article in Housing Wire, the housing market has revealed yet another sign of a potential economic instability: a persistent decline in single-family housing authorizations. Such a decline is a key predictor of economic recessions. According to a report recently released by BuildFax, single-family authorizations have declined year over year for the third consecutive month [Year???] in January, falling 3.48%. “This is particularly notable as continued year-over-year declines in single-family housing authorizations are historically correlated with economic recessions between 19

The Bright Side of a Slumping Real Estate Market

The sky is not falling! The sky is not falling! Yes, existing home sales declined last month by 1.2% compared with December and were 8.5% lower annually; but there is a ray of sunshine. According to CNBC, this downturn may prompt prospective homebuyers to spring into the market this spring because there are bargains to be had. Analysts say that the housing supply is on the upswing and has been rising steadily for several months; plus, mortgage rates are falling. Housing inventory at the end of January increased to 1.59 million homes, up from 1.53 million in December. Increased supply coupled with slowing demand means lower prices. Yes, home prices are still higher compared with a year ago, b

Chicago Home Sales Plunge in January

Thanks to waning consumer confidence caused by the 35-day government shutdown, the Chicago-area housing market took a major swan dive in January. According to an article in Crain’s, 1,164 homes were sold in the city of Chicago, a drop of 19.4% from January 2018 and the biggest in sales since June 2011. The decline was even steeper in the nine-county metropolitan area. But it wasn’t just Chicago that felt the hit. "Consumer confidence throughout the U.S. declined in December and January, due to the government shutdown, the slowing rate of job growth and overall uncertainty about the direction of the economy,” says Tommy Choi, president of the Chicago Association of Realtors. In addition, the

Greystone Releases Market Insight Report, Spring 2019

Greystone Real Estate Advisors have released their semi-annual report on the state of the Windy City’s real estate market; and not all the news was good. Despite a low unemployment rate of 4%, the city may experience a weakening single-family housing market this year. Expectations are that sales volume will decrease by 7.4% and that median sales prices will drop 1.9%. Higher mortgage rates are to blame as well as the decrease in the federal deduction for property taxes. But there was better news on the rental front. Last year, rental prices increased by an average of 3.8% across the Chicago metro area, rising from $1,373 in 2017 to $1,425. Class A properties realized a 3.5% increase on avera

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