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Four REITS Investors Should Look At Now

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are having a banner year with returns of 19.6% as of May 28. Compare that to the 13.2% returns from the S&P 500, and REITs look like the right investment today. But which ones are currently the darlings of the investor class? Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) This REIT’s focus is in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in the US and the UK. It has paid an annual dividend since 2003. The current yield is 7.6%. Arbor Realty Trust (ABR) This REIT seems to be a must buy. ABR provides loan origination and servicing for multifamily, senior housing, healthcare and other commercial real estate assets. It manages a multi-billion-dollar servicing portfoli

Toll Brothers Spur Boom of Single- Family “Built-to-Rent” Homes

Home builders across the U.S. are getting stoked about the emerging single-family “built to rent” market. And rightly so. Toll Brothers, a huge player in the home construction business, recently announced a $60 million investment in a $400 million venture that aims to take its successful build-to-rent business model in Phoenix to other cities, including Denver, Houston and Las Vegas. But Toll Brothers isn’t the only big builder committing to this market. Clayton Homes, the nation's largest builder and distributor of manufactured homes is piloting build-for-rent home communities within some of its massive geographical footprint. The demand for single-family for-rent homes underlines the need

Downtown Chicago Apartments Continue Their Strong Run

Chicago’s housing market may be in a slump, but it’s a different story when it comes to downtown apartments. The market is red hot with no sign of slowing down. According to Integra Realty Resources, a Chicago appraisal and consulting firm, the average rent at top-tier downtown buildings rose to a record $3.26 per square foot in Q1, up 5.8 percent from a year earlier, and the occupancy rate increased to 94.3 percent, up from 93.2 percent a year ago. What’s driving all this demand? The big reason is the strong downtown job market. That’s giving happy landlords the leverage to raise rents without having to worry about losing tenants. Yes, demand is strong, but supply is also going through the

Blackstone Cashes Out, Sells $1B Stake in Single-Family Rental Biz

Blackstone Group, a major player in the single-family rental business, has cashed out, selling off $1 billion of its shares in its suburban home rental company Invitation Homes. And they did so as Invitation shares are trading at all-time highs. Blackstone founded Invitation Homes following the Great Recession, and currently manages 80,000 properties in 17 markets around the United States. It took the company public in 2017 at $20 per share. Shares were trading last week around $25.70. The selloff is by no means an indication of a slowing single-family rental market. Smaller SFR investors have also gotten into the single-family rental game and overall, investment in this market is still stro

Chicago Housing Market Continues 5-Month Slump

The weather may be warming up in Chicago (and the Cubs as well) but the housing market is still cool as home sales continued their downward spiral in April. The Chicago metro area saw 10,093 home sales in April, a 6 percent decrease from last year. But it was better than March which saw a 10 percent slide. Not all the news was bad, Some submarkets did well in April, including Lake County, where sales increased by over 2 percent from the previous year. Chicago’s weak housing market may also get a boost this summer as interest rates stay steady and Millennials begin to consider buying a first-time home. Read on at: https://therealdeal.com/chicago/2019/05/21/chicago-housing-market-fails-to-heat

American Find “Exurbs” a Better Housing Option

Many homebuyers, priced out of urban and suburban areas, are looking beyond… to a place called “Exburbia.” The exurbs lie just beyond the more affluent suburbs and are quickly becoming an affordable option for Americans. In fact, the exurbs were the only regions that saw an annual increase in single-family permits in the Q1 of 2019. The growing interest in the exurbs is a strong indicator that the U.S. housing market continues to be plagued by lack of affordability. The exurbs are home to just 9% of the nation’s single-family construction, but its share is growing. And this is making real estate analysts a bit nervous because these exurban homes were abandoned when the housing bubble burst i

New Home Sales Drop Significantly in May

April was a strong month for U.S. home sales, but May was a sadder story. Amid a surge in prices, single-family home sales fell 6.9% to a 673,000 annualized pace. The median sales price increased 8.8% from a year earlier to $342,200, the highest since December 2017. Most of the sales drop involved homes priced below $300,000. Experts suggest that a shortage of affordable properties is hindering potential buyers, and that the effect of lower mortgage rates has flattened out. Yet against this sobering backdrop, housing starts rose for the second straight month. And if the news wasn’t already a mixed bag, add in the anomaly of a rise in purchase of yet-to-be-built homes versus a larger-than-usu

Real Estate Guru Weighs In on 2019 Market

John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting was interviewed on The Real Estate Guys podcast earlier this year and shared his views on the state of real estate in 2019. Burns believes that home construction execs will play it safe in this uncertain market and predicts no growth in that vital sector. As a consequence, he sees a better rental market. “Homeownership has been ticking back up” and “people want to own,” there is “not a stigma to being a renter anymore.” When it comes to the Millennials, Burns says that this generation, who first became aware of real estate during the Great Recession, are very cautious about buying homes. “Those born in the 1980s who are coming into homeown

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