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What is the Future of the Single-Family Home Investment Business?

What is the future of the single-family home rental business in the United States?

According to Bruce W. McNeilage, CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Member of Kinloch Partners, LLC, in a recent article in the Colony American Finance blog, the single-family residential rental business is in flux, with more mergers, a flight to buying quality homes, and more partnerships with local best in class operations excellence.

We at SpringView Investments agree; here's the full article. See below for a recap:

More Mergers

More mergers of the big real estate firms may be on the horizon. "Companies seeking additional capital from publicly traded equity markets are instead having to seek mergers or undertake extensive portfolio adjustments to do so," said Mr. McNeilage.

A Flight to Quality

Has there been a flight to quality? The answer seems to be yes: "A significant flight to quality is underway with more companies buying houses built in the 2000’s and selling off older assets built in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s," Mr. McNeilage said, "Lower monthly rental rates are increasingly being discarded as the major companies seek higher quality, newer assets that pay higher rents and have higher projected APV reflective of more predictive rental income streams."

More Partnerships

"Companies need to partner with local best-in-class operators," the article noted, "Within their target markets who have been vetted for performance in leasing, management, rehabilitation, supervision and the ability to identify and source quality acquisitions."

Read the full article here.

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