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How to Winterize Your Single-Family Home Investment, by Harold Willig

Winter’s coming in just a few months. In Chicago, where SpringView Investments invests and manages a portfolio of over 100 single-family homes for investors, winterizing a property is critical component of property management.

As an investor, how can you insure that your property, and your tenants, are properly safeguarded from winter’s chills, and save on energy bills in the process?


A programmable thermostat can help your tenants save between 10% to 20% of there total heating costs…if they set it down several degrees for the nighttime. Clean furnace filters and insulated electric outlets and switch plate covers should also help.

Windows And Doors

As part of your pre-rental checklist, did you inspect all window frames and doors for leaks? For rented properties, have you suggested to tenants that they seal off unused rooms, and open the south-facing window currents during the day to save energy?

Water Heater

Is your water heater properly set? Are pipes insulated and drained?


If you property has a fireplace, is the damper sealed off when not in use?


Does your property have leaks in the attic or in the basement, or any exposed ductwork? Presumably, before renting, you or your property manager made sure all was covered.

Infographic below provided by the firm Global Efficient Energy.

For more information on why your should consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes, please contact Harold Willig at 917-209-4452.

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