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The Best Investment: More Americans Believe in Real Estate, by Harold Willig

Where should you invest – stocks, bonds, savings accounts, real estate, gold?

According to recent survey by Gallup, Inc., and by Keeping Current Matters, a real estate information source for agents and buyers, of the choices offered, more people in the United States preferred to invest in real estate than other opportunities.

According to the study, 30% of Americans believe that real estate was the best investment opportunity, 24% said stocks, bonds, or gold, 14% said savings accounts, and only 6% said bonds.

The higher the income, the report said, the greater the likelihood for the belief in real estate as a potentially superior long-term investment. Upper-income Americans were much more likely to say real estate was the best investment. What's more,

upper-income Americans were more likely to say they owned their home, at 87%, followed by middle-income Americans at 66%, and lower-income Americans at 36%.

Gallup reported that homeowners (33%) were slightly more likely than renters (24%) to say real estate was the best choice for long-term investments.

For information on why SpringView Investments also believes that real estate, in the form of professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes is potentially a superior long-term investment, please contact Harold Willig at 917- 209-4452.

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