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Where is Chicago in the Housing Cycle?

Where is Chicago in the real estate buying and selling cycle?

Since SpringView Investments manages more than 100 single-family homes in Chicago for investors across the US, it’s a question we take quite seriously and monitor continuously.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently reviewed the 20 largest home markets and identified whether they were in an early recovery, expansion, exuberant, contracting, or full downturn phase.

(John Burns Real Estate Consulting, based in Irvine, CA and with offices throughout the US, provides independent research and consulting services related to the US housing industry.)

Chicago placed early in the expansion phase, often characterized by rising home values and sales trends (but too much price movement), affordability, and low construction activity. See graphic below.

At SpringView Investments, we seek to assess the risk and return of the Chicago home market, and others, for our investors. We think, as the John Burns study shows, that the Chicago market is only in the second or third inning of a nine-inning ball game, with plenty of long-term growth potential to come. Go Cubs! (Or whatever your hometown team happens to be.)

For more information on why you should consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes, please contact Harold Willig at 917-209-4452.

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