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The Top 10 Signs of a Housing Market Bubble

Are we heading into a bubble? Are we currently in a bubble? Is the US housing bubble about to burst?

The bubble question comes up all the time, and why not? A bad bubble hurts investors in single-family houses. It hurts renters. It hurts employers, families, and well, it hurts practically everybody except short sellers.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting created the infographic (see below) way back in 2013…but the 10 qualitative and quantitative indicators of heading to bubble-dum still apply now.

For example, on the qualitative side, you know you are in a bubble if too may realtors are driving expensive cars; if agents and investors are throwing lavish parties; and if somebody important says we are in a paradigm shift. On the quantitative side, signs of a bubble may include when home equity loans exceed historic norms; when new construction exceeds job growth, and when gross margins begin to exceed 35%.

Consider investing in a professionally managed portfolio of single-family homes? Please contact Harold Willig at or 917-209-4452.

Harold Willig is the Manager of SpringView Investment Management, LLC, which he founded in 2012. Mr. Willig also served as HFZ Capital Group’s Chief Financial Officer, and was responsible for the oversight of HFZ's Finance and Accounting team. He has over 16 years of finance and accounting experience. Mr. Willig also ran a consulting practice and provided valuation, analysis, and transactional support services to multi-billion dollar real estate companies. Previously, Mr. Willig served as the Senior Controller and Vice President of Financial Analysis and then the Chief Financial Officer of the Athena Group, a multifamily development company and fund manager.

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