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SpringView Investments Opens New Property Management Division

Brooklyn-based SpringView Investments LLC is expanding their company’s reach with the opening of a new Property Management Division and office in the Chicago area.

SpringView currently owns over 200 single-family homes and manages numerous properties. Its founder, Harold Willig, established SpringView for two reasons:

1. To create a risk-mitigated supplemental income stream;

2. To provide that opportunity to other investors.

SpringView invests in stable, safe communities that many Americans can afford. The Fund has primarily invested in properties in the ChicagoLand area, but anticipates potentially expanding to other high potential growth markets in the U.S. as the company expands.

Opening Springview Property Management in ChicagoLand is strategic and will provide investors with another layer of confidence and numerous cost efficiencies as the company grows.

The property management division closely oversees the Fund’s properties at the ground level; beginning with tenant screening and move-in repairs. Other services include marketing and advertising, rent collections and property maintenance.

The goal is to maximize the investment property’s profitability and stability. SpringView prides itself on taking care of these homes using the highest industry standards.

The company looks at its presence in Chicago as a springboard to greater investment in single-family homes and more profitable outcomes for investors in this and other markets nationally.

To read more about SpringView Property Management, click here.

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