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American Malls: Is There Life After Amazon?

Tolling the “death of the American Mall” may be premature. Yes, it may be on life support right now but there are signs of recovery.

According to Forbes, some of the biggest and smartest investors on Wall Street are betting against the trend to abandon the mall and they’re backing it up with substantial capital.

But why? Isn’t Amazon destroying the brick and mortars?

Yes it is, but insiders believe the most valuable malls in America will navigate the rough waters by finding younger, more adaptable online-focused brands. Arthur Coppola, CEO of Macerich, optimistically says digital-first Amazon, Warby Parker, Dyson, and Shinola are embracing models that push them into brick and mortar space.

Despite all the hype there’s hope.

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Harold Willig is the Manager of SpringView Investment Management, LLC, which he founded in 2012. Mr. Willig also served as HFZ Capital Group’s Chief Financial Officer, and was responsible for the oversight of HFZ's Finance and Accounting team. He has over 16 years of finance and accounting experience.

Mr. Willig also ran a consulting practice and provided valuation, analysis, and transactional support services to multi-billion-dollar real estate companies. Previously, Mr. Willig served as the Senior Controller and Vice President of Financial Analysis and then the Chief Financial Officer of the Athena Group, a multifamily development company and fund manager.

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