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Roth IRA: Your Child’s Path to Home Ownership?

But while things are bad now, wait until your 7-year old tries to buy a home in 2038.

Homeownership is part of parcel of the American Dream. But that dream is beginning to fade as many Millennials find themselves priced out of the market. If only their parents had the predictive powers of Nostradamus.

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and, in an article in Forbes, we find out that opening a Roth IRA for your young child will make it much easier for her/him to purchase a home when she/he comes of age.

You see, under current IRS rules, your child can take a distribution of earnings up to $10,000 from their Roth IRA for a first-time home purchase, without penalty and without taxes.

Playing the long game when planning for your child’s future just got a little easier.

For the full article, click HERE:

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Home prices are on a steady rise with no relief in sight for prospective home buyers.

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