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REITs Are a Better Investment Than You May Think

Color some investment “experts” embarrassed.

In a telling article in Forbes, editor Brad Thomas writes a confessional; a mea culpa.

He was wrong about REITs.

Back in 2018, Brad predicted that returns from REITs would be in the 9%-10% range.

Brad writes: “Now well into the year, with just two months left, I’ve got to come clean. Because I was wrong once again. Significantly so this time too. Using VNQ (Vanguard Real Estate ETF) as a benchmark, real estate investment trusts haven’t returned 9%-10% so far this year. They’ve returned more than 26%.”

He goes on. “REITs have hit the ball out of the park this year, even outperforming the S&P 500.”

Poor Brad. But at least he admits his mistakes. The same can’t be said for you if you don’t take a look at how explosive REIT investment is today.

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