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  • Harold Willig

Landlord-Tenant Relations: 11Things You Ought to Know

Landlord-tenant relationships can sometimes be contentious. Mutual misunderstandings and poor communication can exacerbate problems.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult for landlords to develop and maintain good relationships with their tenants. Here are a few ideas from experts at Forbes Real Estate Council.

One: Put yourself in their shoes. Some landlords take their tenants for granted and lose sight of the fact that tenants often face challenges. Many, if not most, tenants live paycheck to paycheck. Landlords should understand their predicaments and be driven by compassion.

Two: Tenants love landlords who respond quickly when there’s a problem. So be on top of things if there’s a clogged sink or broken pipe. Fixing the problem quickly engenders good feeling and trust and could save you money in the long run.

Three: Remember that your tenant is like a good client; when the renter has a request, customer service principles need to be implemented. This will improve online reviews which leads to better applicants and higher rents.

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