Providing Flexible Living in Stable Communities for our Tenants And Strong Financial Performance for our Investors

Long before the pandemic, in many cities across the country, it had become increasingly difficult for middle-income workers to rent housing in the areas in which they worked due, in large part, to both wages not keeping up with increasing costs of living, and a limited supply of affordable housing.

In response, cities like Chicago started expanding outward… and so did the work force.

Since 2012, the greater Chicagoland market, the largest economy in the country providing a stable base, has provided SpringView with an opportunity to purchase assets for below replacement cost, that had favorable rents versus their purchase prices, allowing us to improve the quality of life for our tenants.

By design, the communities where we invest share many of the same characteristic: demographically and ethnically diverse, these communities have rich histories forged by European settlers who came to America in search of a better life. Within close proximity to key employment centers, transportation, school districts and green space, SpringView provides our tenants with flexible living in stable communities.