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Property Management

We work hard to maximize your investment property’s profitability. We take care of your property, handling all repairs quickly and with affordable contractors. Our primary goal is to nourish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with you. That starts with taking care of your property to the highest standards.


Here’s what we do:


1. Make Ready


We’ll make sure that your property is as close to perfect for your tenants from the day they move in. This may include carpet cleaning, touch up painting, lawn maintenance, filter changing, lock re-keying, and smoke detector checking, among others.


2. Marketing


We will create and implement a marketing and advertising plan so your properties can be found on local and national online sources like Zillow, and Trulia; and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.


3. Maintenance


Our property managers facilitate repairs with our network of vendors, and extend our preferred pricing to you. We can also work with contractors you specify.


4. Move in and Move Out


Prior to your tenants move in, we will prepare the lease, collect the first full month’s rent and a security deposit. We will then give your tenants’ keys, remotes, and alarm code. When your tenants’ move out, we’ll make sure we have a correct forwarding address, review the home for repairs, and handle the security deposit return process.


5. Property Inspection


Our property inspections protect your investment from unforeseen consequences. We do regular inspections to ensure your property is well maintained. Each time we receive a maintenance request, we use this as an opportunity to walk through the property to ensure that all is well.


6. Rent Collections


We offer your tenants several ways to pay rent—buy check, online, and in-person. Once we receive the rent, we send you the deposits through a secure online rent payment system. We promptly handle all aspects of the eviction as well.


7. Tenant Screening


We perform criminal history and credit checks, as well as a nationwide eviction search. This includes application screening, credit checks, income verification, and talk to previous landlords and references.


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