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Are Apartments a Good Investment This Year?

Lee Kiser, a member of Forbes Real Estate Council, has a good feeling about apartment investing in 2020.

Kiser writes: “As an asset class, multifamily is generally the most stable and predictable of all commercial real estate investments. Apartments are a good investment as long as investors set their risk tolerances, underwrite for changing local policies and keep an eye on trends.”

One of the trends he is focusing on is something called “co-living.”

Rather than a typical one-year landlord-tenant lease, renters subscribe to one-month or three-month agreements. Co-living “members” get their own bedroom, and an “en suite” bathroom. They share common living and kitchen spaces with the other members.

Tech innovations are changing the more traditional ways of renting. Kiser advises prospective investors to jump on the bandwagon.

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