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Amazon to Create 100’s of Jobs at Old Racetrack Site

Amazon has big plans for Chicago.

The trillion-dollar behemoth plans to hire hundreds of employees for a massive distribution center on the site of the former Maywood Park racetrack.

It will be Amazon’s largest distribution center near Chicago, less than 2 miles from the city limits.

Amazon will soon begin hiring hundreds of people for full and part-time positions at a starting salary of $15/hour, providing a nice boost to Chicagoland’s economy.

This new distribution center, all 623,000 square feet of it, will enable the company to expedite Amazon deliveries to most of their customers. Good news for people who are addicted to Amazon!

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Mr. Willig engages and coordinates a professional team of real estate brokers, general contractors, leasing agents, and property managers in order to rehabilitate, lease and maintain the properties he acquires for SpringView Investments. He has over 20 years of finance and accounting experience

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