Is a New South Suburban Airport in the Works?

It’s much too early to say, but Chicagoland could have its third major airport this decade.

Support is building for a new airport in the South Suburban area near Peotone.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly, a major supporter of the airport proposal cites Amazon as one of the reasons why a new airport should be built.

“With so many Amazon facilities emerging in the Chicago metro area, I am certain that we're gonna need a more accessible airport that isn't on the other side of Chicago,” Kelly said.

She also talks of Peotone becoming an international hub for e-commerce cargo.

Another big supporter is Governor J.B. Pritzker who has promised to spend more tax dollars on a Peotone airport. “We’re trying to bring together the government side, the infrastructure investments that need to be made. And, on the private side, the business that will be necessary for it to be successful,” the governor said.

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